Dr Danielle Arabena and the Shamanic process of Birth

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Birth Photographer Podcast with Dr Danielle Arabena

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In this episode Lacey speaks with Dr Danielle Arabena about the shamanic process of birth and how deeply disconnected we are to our ancestors.

Dr Danielle Arabena is a medical consultant and educator, having reclaimed herself as a healer she wishes to be of service to you. Through her own transformation, formal higher education studies, trials and shamanic journeying, Dr Danielle Arabena has arrived into her true authentic Self as an Alchemic practitioner acting as a bridge between the two worlds… where magic operates within the scientific realm.

If you’d like to work with her visit  her website here.

You can find Dr Danielle Arabena on Instagram @drdaniellearabena here
For more information on Dr Danielle Arabena’s Witch School 30 July – 03 August 2020
Clear Mountain, Brisbane click here and @witch.school here