Capturing the beautiful chaos of

Why Hire a Melbourne Birth Photographer

Relive it

Having images carfully documented will enable you to relive your experience until the day your pass on your images to your baby to relive it for you.

Peice it together

Birth hormones naturally trigger us to forget the experience. Let me piece it together for you.

Let your partner support you

Let your partner have both their hands to touch you and not be distracted with a camera. Let that be my job.


your birth junky

For the last 12 years Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial images promoting women’s rights, but she has also cemented herself as one of this country’s most talented and outspoken birth photographers.

Lacey has been known to be unapologetically raw. She encapsulates the depths of the human soul in a single still image. Lacey has even been known to post herself nude up next to Kim Kardashian…why not? Ballsy and emotionally attached, Lacey strives to have women empowered through her imagery.

Lacey sits on a tree stump with her hand over her heard and womb with her eyes closed

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Let me document every detail with your own attentive Melbourne Birth Photographer

With over 200 births attended over Lacey’s career, her skill is unmatched and her eye for shaping and creating light on the fly makes her talent unparalleled.


The Experience

Don’t let finding a birth photographer be difficult. It can be daunting, scary, or even intimidating. Let me simplify it all for you. When you book with me, we have three main things to do.

  1. We have a chat over the phone where I get an idea of your birth plan and how I can best document such a monumental time for you. We talk extensively about the feeling you want to feel and therefore, the space and energy you need for me to hold for you.
  2. We organise a meeting where I meet both you and your partner. I want you to feel my energy and ensure it is the right energy for your space.
  3. We then proceed with a contract outlining the finer details, followed up with a questionnaire and deposit. This is a quick cheat sheet for me to have easy access to everything I need to know to adequately document your birth.

My goal is to not be a fly on the wall, but to rather find your energy and slot right in. I don’t want you to think during this time.


Once you have your baby, the experience isn’t over there. Within 24 hours, I will text you approximately 10 images of your birth for you to view immediately. Keeping oxytocin high is crucial to prolonging your baby moon birth high!

I aim to have an entire gallery delivered to you within the first 10-14 days of birth. Once you view your images, I will place an order of up to 100 time stamped archival matt art printed images to help you piece your birth story together. This will be delivered approximately 8 weeks after completion of your gallery in a stunning hand dyed silk ribbon with all high resolution images supplied in an online digital gallery download.


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