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Exposing Birth 

I have been MIA for a while. There have been a couple of huge things that have been going on in my world that I wanted to fill you in on in this episode.

Firstly, we have five children and our youngest is 4 years old. His kindy teacher told us last year that he may need extra support. This year we discovered through appointments with a paediatrician that he is autistic. I was initially quite disappointed that I missed the signs but when you’re really close to something, it can become hard to see past the love and connection of everyday life.

I gave myself grace and was filled with gratitude to the people in his life that are working to help him get the help he needs. There are really incredible people with autism doing amazing, remarkable things and I’m so excited to see what my son will create.

This experience is teaching me more about myself through empathy and learning to hold space. After all, the best way to teach our children is by example.

Secondly, we’ve just finished Birth Photographer of the Year!

It was such an exciting time and I’m so incredibly proud of every photographer who entered their photos. I’m so grateful to everyone that participated, the sponsors and the judges. If you haven’t seen them, head over to our Facebook page to see the remarkable, show-stopping images.

I know you’ll be inspired by them just as much as I was.


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