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by | Aug 25, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Brianna from Bamby Media is my Podcasting QUEEN. I get so.many.questions. about podcasts and how to start them, why to start one, and who to use etc etc. 

A bit about Bamby Media

Bamby Media is a company that I started because I’m obsessed with quality content. Music was all I was ever super interested in (other than LEGO) and I worked in the field for over a decade. Then the podcast movement exploded and brought with it the ability for anyone to find their niche and share it with like-minded people. This blew my mind and expanded the possibilities. Now I’ve combined all the things I love into a super fun way to make a living and have an expanding team of awesome people to work with me along the way.

Since we are basically in a world wide lock down, I couldn’t help but sit down with the queen herself and pick her brain about podcasts. WHY podcasts? How do you make money from them? It doesn’t make any sense how you would spend money on production but not make money off that same production. Brianna is busting a bunch of myths in this one and giving out some free advice too. Which is always welcome and appreciated. 

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