Confidence in Business

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with Erika Cramer

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Erika Cramer is a confidence coach residing in Melbourne, Australia. She is a contributor to our signature course Exposing Birth teaching about the practice of confidence. You can read below a little bit about Erika.

“I am Erika, also known as Mami, Wifey, Homegirl, soul sista & coach. I am an Oprah loving, spicy food eating, Bold Stand for confidence (and dropping the F-bomb… a lot).

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, loss, massive confidence-lacking and more hard life shit, I decided it was time to get out of my pain and change my life dramatically.

That took me on a deep path to personal growth, lots of healing and dealing with my stuff to become the woman I am today.

My past was cray cray (read about it here) but I am so grateful that all of that happened FOR me because now I am obsessed with helping women own who they are, stand in their fully expressed confident selves and go for the life they deeply desire.”

If you’d like to work with her either locally or via online, you can contact her via her website here

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