Your circumstances don’t define you, you define your circumstances

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

Exposing Birth 

We all know that life happens. Circumstances happen suddenly and can feel beyond your control. It’s at this point that many people will start to feel themselves spiral into anxiety and helplessness.

This topic is so important and I have seen it come up so often with my coaching clients.

You may feel yourself becoming defined by the situation, one thing leads to another and you begin to adopt them into your identity. But what if you made your circumstances align to you?

Remember that things only hold the power that we give them, so what if you took that power back and changed your awareness to make the circumstance align to you.

We have the ability to shift the situation to fit around our goals, wants and desires to manifest the life we actually want to create.

Ask yourself, where have you been putting your energy and is it serving you? Foster your self awareness in your identity to change your thinking and build the reality you really want.


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