Doula Unschool

Quantum Science for Quantuam Leaps

Sometimes it feels like healing old wounds is as hard as trying to pull a mountain lion’s tooth. 

Impossible, right?

For the longest time, I thought that healing my past traumas meant that I had to live in a constant state of unravelling 24/7 ‘working through’ my trauma. It never ended; therefore, I was on a nonstop train to foreverville. No matter how much “inner work” I did it would never be enough because I never identified as a healed woman. I was stuck in a perpetual loop of woe – is – me.

Now, that served me. Until it didn’t. Knowing where the boundary is will help you to move forward in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

What if I told you that you could work through your trauma in as short or as long of time as you give yourself permission to do so? 

What makes Doula Unschool so unique is we aren’t learning about hip squeezes, physiology of birth or statistics. (Although those are an important part of being a doula!) We are integrating NLP with Doula work.

Here is what we learn in Doula Unschool:


  • How to find out our clients values so we can guide them to create the most aligned birth experience for them.

  • Identify any shitty beliefs and reframe them to be more useful to them

  • An array of tools to aid them during pregnancy, birth and postpartum (and honestly, for the rest of their lives…because this stuff can be applied to ANYTHING…not just birth.)

  • How to create a breakthrough for your client will have them feeling liberated, safe, and the most in alignment they have felt. 

What is NLP?

NLP is neuro linguistic programming. It is the science of why our brains work the way they do and offers tools on how we can intentionally manipulate strategies, values, behaviours, thoughts and more. It combines linguistics, quantum physics, and the art of (re)programming to get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. In Doula Unschool, we are marrying NLP into our doula work for our clients (or for yourself!) 

The work we will be doing will be happening in the quantum field, not your head. 


This is not ‘woo’ work.

It’s science.

Quantum science for quantum leaps

Want to birth at home, but also want to birth in the hospital? 
Not sure which to choose?
Why does it feel so hard? 
It would be easier to just flip a coin and choose, right? 
Have you ever felt like that or had a client feel like that? 

Sometimes polarities conflict. But they can also co-exist.

Theeeereee is the paradox….

I’m going to show you how they actually want the same thing. 

I’m going to show you how two opposing values can integrate into one higher purpose and serve you in ways that you would have never imagined. 

Included in Doula Unschool is:

  • 11 jam packed modules and bonuses dripped out to you weekly

  • Weekly group calls to answer your questions and cover the course content live over 90 days

  • 7 sessions for you to practice and integrate your newly acquired skills

  • Pre-made breakthrough templates to get you started

  • Forever access to course content and all updates

  • Downloadable scripts

  • Exclusive facebook group for students only

By learning these simple yet incredibly powerful tools, you’ll 10x your clients results in as little as 15 minutes. Let me share with you some of the results I have with my own personal clients. 

Here are some of my own clients results and what we used to achieve those results.

Client 1

Client 1 booked a midwife and researched beautiful family centred calm births at home. When we made contact, she realised her (actual) desires were out of alignment with her (actual) top 5 values. What she learned is she was researching births based on what society perceived as beautiful, not what she actually felt was beautiful. Birthing her 6th baby, she realised that calm was subjective. She went on to relieve her midwife of her duties, trust her body, and freebirthed in her beautiful farm house in country NSW in the presence of all (5) of her children. We used a series of processes like values elicitation, anchoring, hypnosis, emotional evolution process, and quantum linguistics to expand her possibilities and create an experience that was in alignment with her values.  During labour, we played with embedded commands and used a light state of trance to laugh during contractions instead of feeling pain. That was definitely a fun one 😜

Client 2

Client 2 suffered greatly from HG and low blood pressure. We used a combination of anchors, hypnosis, embedded commands and quantum linguistics to reprogram how she experienced nausea to alleviate her symptoms of feeling and being sick. Inside of a formal hypnotic induction, we created a control room for her to tweak her blood pressure to exactly where it needed to be for her to feel stable and energetic. We created powerful suggestions that allowed her to expand her reality of how she felt about pregnancy and created the space for her to enjoy being pregnant, not loathe being sick. 

Client 3

Client 3 was experiencing extreme feelings of sadness and grief after the loss of her 23 week old baby girl. She later had another baby and was feeling extreme guilt allowing herself to love her new baby. Unconsciously she had assigned meaning that loving her new baby meant she no long loved her lost baby or had ‘forgotten’ her. We used the emotional evolution process to reassign meaning to a specific emotion she had assigned to her lost baby, expanded the possibilities of what loving her new baby could bring, and cartesian logic. 

Client 4

Client 4 was struggling with inviting a close family member into her space. She wanted to, but she also didn’t want to. We used the parts integration process to quickly and easily integrate the polar feelings together and allowed them to realise that they actually both served the same higher purpose. 

Client 5

Client 5 was very quickly nearing 42 weeks with a history of ‘going over dates.’ Prepared for freebirth if abandoned by her team, we used quantum linguistics, cartesian logic, and strategy discovery process, to then disrupt the strategy. She had her baby less than 24 hours later. Coincidence? Maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃

Client 6

Client 6 was struggling to get pregnant. With a history of loss in her family, we dug deep to find out if there were any emotional blocks or trauma that would prevent her from falling pregnant before going down the IVF route. We used a strategy discovery process, interrupted the strategy with a strategy scramble process, installed a new strategy and used quantum linguistics to create powerful suggestions within a light state of trance. She fell pregnant 2 cycles later.

Creating powerful change for yourself or a client can happen in exponential timing.

Time is on our side as a doula, always. 

When we are playing in the quantum field, time and space collapse and results are 10x what we could ever have thought with our logical and conscious brains. 

By completing Doula Unschool you will:

  • Have a complete understanding of how to lead your client through a breakthrough both formally and informally with quantum linguistics 

  • Become fluent in an array of processes both formal and informal 

  • 10x your results as a doula for your clients (or 10x your results for yourself!)

  • Integrate your current knowledge of our healthcare system and bridge the gap with NLP

  • How to change your clients experience of time

  • Learn to lead from behind and become and emotional first responder in emergency scenarios

  • Be the bridge to the gap in our maternal healthcare system

  • Learn how to expand the possibilities for your clients to remove the limits on how they birth

If you are searching for a more traditional doula course, this might not be the course for you. We will not be discussing oils, massage, acupressure, mainstream birth hypnosis (I can’t name names!) or statistics etc in detail (there will be some of this in the course though!) I suggest if you are planning on offering doula services,  before signing up you are already acquainted with at minimum the hospital system, how it works and physiological birth before you begin offering doula services. This is an addition to people who already understand the politics of birth.

If you simply want to learn the processes for yourself if you are pregnant (or even not!) this course will serve you in the most powerful of ways. Please ensure before enrolling you are a hell yes and pricing is affordable. Refunds are not offered once enrolled.

Lacey’s Doula Unschool course truely is the most revolutionary, out of the box education I think I have ever taken. Not only does she go through tools and techniques you can use to help your clients, she explains how these can be used and applied to yourself and other areas of your life. It is intriguing, controversial and unique in every sense of the word. Many other trainings I have done or researched came across as very surface level based content. Doula Unschool hits deep, helping people realise and overcome their fears, taking action and control over their emotions and helping them uncover their inner values. It has changed my perspective entirely and the direction and modality I want to take my business. I cannot express in words the value and information you gain from this course! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

– Rianna Cross

Pay In Full


Exposing Birth Photography course in Audiobook format (valued at $349)
Exclusive access to my library meditations/processes (valued at $1500)

-Exclusive facebook group

-Downloadable scripts

-Pre-made breakthrough templates

-Forever access to course content and all updates

Pay In 6

Exclusive access to my library meditations/processes (valued at $1500)

-Exclusive facebook group

-Downloadable scripts

-Pre-made breakthrough templates

-Forever access to course content and all updates

Pay In 12

Exclusive access to my library meditations/processes (valued at $1500)

-Exclusive facebook group

-Downloadable scripts

-Pre-made breakthrough templates

-Forever access to course content and all updates

“I’ve had an amazing experience with Doula Unschool, I’ve enjoyed watching every video & learnt so much about myself along with the technical type doula stuff. The website is created perfectly & is so easy to use, everything is explained really well! Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to delve into birth work!”

– Caitlyn Stemmer

Q: How long is this course?

A: This is a self-paced course for you complete at your own leisure. You will have forever access to the course material. 

Q: Is this a certified course?

A: Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course. 


Q: What makes this course different from other doula trainings?

A: I am not teaching about the physiology of birth, statistics, breastfeeding, or other mainstream hypnotic courses. I am teaching the science behind why we do the things we do, and how we do one thing is how we do all things…including giving birth. If you are looking for a more traditional doula course, this might not be the course for you. 

Q: I’ve never done doula work, is this right for me?

A: This is not a traditional doula course. If you aren’t already acquainted with our broken medical systems, physiology of birth, and trauma, a more traditional course might serve your better before taking this one. 

Q: Is this an advanced doula course?

A: This is tricky. I wouldn’t say it’s advanced, but I also wouldn’t encourage someone to enrol if they aren’t familiar with the medical system already.

Q: I’m not really wanting to be a doula, but I’m pregnant and super intrigued to learn more. Is this for me?

A: Yes. YES. FUCKING YES. This isn’t just for those who want to add to their doula skills. This is especially for expecting parents who might not want a doula but still have the support of one. You can give yourself that gift by Doula’ing yourself. You are more than welcome here. I use these processes on myself all the time.

Q: This is kinda expensive for a doula course. How come it’s so exxy?

 lucky a week. Otherwise, you’ll do a study- at- your- own- pace, such as this course, and be required to read books, attend a certain number of births, submit letters from clients and possibly medical professionals you have worked with among other things. I’m all for reading a good book, and getting clients feedback. But here, we are doing super practical work together and with volunteers where I will oversee and guide you on live calls. This is a 90 day intensive container jam packed with tons of formal and informal processes that you won’t learn in a traditional doula course. 


Also, food for thought, what is it costing you not to do this work? What will you gain from not taking this course? What will you not gain by not doing this course? 

Q: I’m fucking in. How do I sign up?

A: Click the join now button STAT!

“Better late than never – here’s my review… I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of knowing Lacey for about 5 years now, and watching her business grow, develop and change with the times has been nothing short of intriguing. In June this year, I mentioned to her out of frustration that falling pregnant ‘just wasn’t happening’ She immediately offered her knowledge and we scheduled a call to see if we could together work out where the blockage sat and what was causing it using NLP to help reframe and reconstruct my beliefs about falling pregnant. We all know 2020 was a pretty crap year, and as it happened, we worked out that I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t fall pregnant because it was hard because life was hard at that time. My mantra became ‘it’s EASY to fall pregnant’ And sure enough, on the 20th August I got my positive pregnancy test! It’s amazing what changing negative beliefs can do for you! But my journey with Lacey doesn’t end here. When I was around 8 weeks pregnant Lacey checked in with me to see how all was going with my pregnancy and I reported that like with my son’s pregnancy I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum and had sought treatment in hospital to help get through it. She gently floated the idea of trying something non traditional to help such as hypnosis, but at that point I think I was too far gone in the death zone to set up a time to have the call. If you’ve had HG before, you know how much like mush your brain gets, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get much more mushy if I tried at that point! Fast forward to the end of November and I was on 4 different types of meds to try and control my HG when Lacey and I started chatting again and the idea of hypnosis cane about once more, and this time I was ready! We set up the call and worked through what my triggers were, and created processes for not just the nausea and gagging, but also a process in which to help me control my blood pressure as I’d been close to fainting too many times for my liking due to low blood pressure. I’ve always had a strong personal belief in manifesting what you need, but had never applied the manifesting to my physical self, and what I experienced that day was literally magick at work. That Monday night, the 13th December 2020 at 20 weeks pregnant, was the last time I took ANY of my medications for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I use the tools on a daily basis that Lacey kindly taught me, and they are easy and unobtrusive to people around me, meaning that I don’t need to excuse myself from my workplace to take care of myself, I can do it whilst seated at my desk, with my colleagues and clients all none the wiser. I’ve since been able to apply the tools Lacey gifted me (and trust me – these tools ARE A FREAKING GIFT!) to help with the unstable pelvis I have during pregnancy, and also whilst having the first stage of a root canal done. Her love and willingness to help me find something that worked has meant that I am actually able to enjoy my pregnancy. I’ve gone from being bed ridden and incapable of doing simple things such as food shopping due to it triggering such horrible nausea and food aversion that I would literally gag at the sight of food, to being capable of not only doing the shopping, but not having my husband there as back up to take over of it all got too much. So if you’ve been wondering whether you should part with your hard earned money to work with Lacey, and you’re looking for a sign that she’s the right doula for the job – it’s right here. Pick up the phone and ring her, email her – whatever – just do it. You can thank me later. This woman is a rarity on this planet. She’s no bull, straight up gives a crap about you and your well being and I am not kidding when I say she is a gift to any birthing person, or birth worker and look, let’s just be honest, people in general! So please, do yourself a favour. Book her now, because when word gets out at how brilliant this woman is (and it will because I am telling literally everyone I know about her!!!) she will be booked out and you’ll wish you’d taken my advice. You owe it to yourself to have this kind of support. Thank you Lacey for your love and support. I’m so grateful to be able to finally enjoy my pregnancy and connect with my baby properly instead of dreading what each day will bring. You have my gratitude eternally.”