Midwifery and the importance of choice

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with Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone from Indie Birth


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In this episode, Lacey chats with Maryn and Margo from Indie Birth about transparency; choices; traditional midwifery; and birthing and midwifery inside (and outside) the system as we know it.


About Indie Birth

“The Indie Birth Private Contract Association is a source of inspiration and knowledge for the modern pregnant woman who knows that her body and her baby are wise; and for the modern birth keeper who believes in these women as much as we do.”


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Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone from Indie Birth’s book is titled “Indie Birth: A Story of Radical Birth Love” and can be purchased via Ebook or Physical Copy HERE 

Indie Birth: A Story of Radical Birth Love is medicine created to help us collectively heal from the lies we’ve been told about birth. Dive deeply into the minds, hearts, and lives of the women living the Indie Birth revolution. Equal parts history, birth stories, and visioning towards the future, this manifesto will help lead the way towards a brighter vision of birth for decades to come. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll recognise yourself if you look closely enough. When you put this book down, you’ll be ready to rise up. You’ll be ready to break the chains of generations past and ready to change the now…ready to take back birth.”