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After my first baby was born, I tried my hardest to remember every detail, every smell, feeling and my surroundings.

But nothing came back to me. Not a whiff, not a taste, nothing.

It was like my body and memory had erased every trace of my baby’s birth. The only way I knew it was real was that I was snuggled with this gorgeous child.

But how could I share all the incredible details?
How could I celebrate the power of a woman giving the gift of life?
How could I tell my baby about the moment he entered the world?

In amongst the chaos of birth, your body is pulsing with birth hormones and adrenaline, most of which will cause you to instantly forget the entire experience. Making your birth a faint recollection.

These are the only THREE images that I have to celebrate the birth of my first born.

This is what makes my passion for birth photography so strong, and it’s my mission to make sure that we capture all of the thrilling, exciting, wondrous moments of your birth for you to share with your children for many generations to come.

My birth photographer has been on speed dial with each of my additional three babies right along with my doula. And these photos are some of my most cherished possessions.

Images captured by Angela Gallo

As a mother of five, I understand the enormity of bringing new life into this world and I want to support you each step of the way.

Melbourne birth services and packages start at:

photography sessions start at $1250
with my clients spending an average of $3500

A percentage of all packages goes directly to and the amazing work that they do with pre and postnatal women

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