This isn’t just another marketing course about the obvious. this is an unravelling about you.

I need for you to forget about everything you have ever learned about marketing for a minute.

If you don’t know who the fuck you are how are you even selling anything? 

What good is it to have an offering that your people need when you don’t even know who your people are? 

During our time together, we merge marketing and you.


You landed here for a reason.

You landed here because you are searching for something that feels more convincing than crunching numbers, hearing buzz words like “authentic” “self-care” and “unapologetic.”

You are searching for the ooomf externally that you feel internal. You know making money doesn’t have to be this hard. But it still feels hard. There is so much that you know, you ponder what you don’t know. It may feel to you it’s a bit serendipitous that you are here. I actually don’t believe in accidents. You’re here because I led you here. Let’s be real. This is all about marketing after all. This is why this isn’t a fluke.

You landed here because I know what you want and need. You know something is missing. And it feels so tangible…but you can’t figure out WHAT is missing. You can’t really determine if it’s what you are missing, or what your business is missing. But you know it’s missing.

Don’t worry babe.

I got you.

I want you to do something for me. Just humour me, ok?

I want you to read this and then do it.

Close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths and become more aware of your skin, your feeling, and your soul as you’re breathing. Be aware of the clothes hanging off your skin, the chair/bed/couch that holds you up. Your feet against the floor if you are standing. Raise your awareness and start playing with your senses as your eyes are closed.

Then I want you to imagine you’re 10 years in the future and life/business/money is exactly as you’d dreamed of. Where are you? Where do you wake up? How do you feel? Are you drinking tea or coffee? Are you in the city or the country? 

Do you smell incense or candles? Is there paint or wallpaper?

You rush out of your house to go meet a client. Where are you meeting? A cafe or your home? A commercial building or online? Who are you meeting? What are they wearing? Can you hear their voice? 

When you can viscerally feel those feelings of provocation, pay attention to where you feel it. Is it outside of your body or inside your body? When you become aware of that feeling and where it is, open your eyes.

My beautiful friend.

What you are missing is a clear direction of what you are working for. THIS is your business plan.

Over time, we lose sight of what we originally started working for and begin to conform to the norms and social standards of the world.

And then YOU get lost in it all. That feeling you felt, whether you felt empowered, overwhelmed with joy, or even felt extremely emotional and cried- it’s ok. And it’s ok because it means you’re feelings are still there. And as long as you can feel- you know you’re alive. What you have just experienced is your business plan. Didn’t think of your business plan like that did ya?

As much as I get off on crunching numbers and making funnels and creating strategy, there needs to be an element of feminine in this very masculine world we have catapulted ourselves into.

I have some things I want to teach you. Some masculine and some feminine. But what I want to teach you the most is how to integrate the two to form the perfect threshold to propel you into your rebirth. I want to teach you how to maximise what you already have instead of burning it to the ground in frustration and starting over as you have so many times.

You’re not broken. Your business isn’t broken. It just isn’t connected. I’m going to show you how to connect it.

I believe within my whole being that your business is a direct parallel to you. When you don’t feel good, neither does your business. Shit feels hard and you are working twice as much.

You aren’t defined by your boxes, containers, gender stereotypes, labels, or whatever identity you think you are based on someone else’s opinion of you. You create your life with the thoughts you think and the actions that come from your thoughts.

Before birth, business was always my first love. 

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you love it, and just because you love something doesn’t mean you are good at it. My purpose is to mesh the two for a perfect balance, constant fluidity, and emotional space for scaling and deep excavation.

I’ve had my fair share of business experience… the one thing in common was always me.


At 21 I dropped out of college and instead of learning about business I actually bought a damn business. I wanted to do the thing instead of learn about the thing.


At 19 I was the regional manager to the largest tellecomunications company in America. I managed the managers.


I moved across the world from America to Australia with nothing but my passport, birth certificate and $600USD with no plan of how.


At 26 I bought a house in Florida from Australia for $20,000USD, flipped it and sold it for3x what I bought it for. I never even saw the home in person.


After our 5th baby was born I created a six figure birth photography business and won countless accolades for my work and business structure.


In 2017 I had a dream to eliminate competition so I created a second six figure business teaching other photographers how to run their businesses uniquely to themselves.

It was in that moment that I understood the only commonality to my success was me being more authentically me.

The problem wasn’t my funnel, or colours, or logo.

It wasn’t even the domain name I chose.

It had everything to with ME and how I positioned myself and served my community.

The better I felt, the better my business felt.

Businesses don’t fail because they chose the wrong colours and logo. Businesses fail because they actually have no fucking clue as to what they are actually working for.

For 12 weeks you’ll go on a journey of rediscovery with me and a small group of other women.

I’m teaching 10 very important pillars.

From mindset to very practical tactics to get yourself seen and not just seen but VISIBLE. Those are two very different things.

Each week a new module will be dripped out to you to consume in the privacy of your home where you can unravel yourself and come completely undone in solitude and safety. 

We will also meet weekly in our private virtual coffee shop where the magic will happen in a group setting, transformations will occur and lightbulbs may blow and need to be changed. This is where you’ll get extra support to back the groundwork that is being laid.

Each module will be presented in an easy to follow video (series) with a digital notebook for you to collate your thoughts and breakthroughs. (You can use this with Goodnotes and an Apple Pencil if you’d like!) Your own personal manifestation and transformational diary. And to top it off if a video isn’t your thing, each module will be readily available to you in the form of an audio file for you to listen to on the go. I’m a very sensory person so always make sure to include various ways for people to learn because I want this shit to stick.

Matriarchal Marketing will teach you…


How to open the fuck up and find yourself again


Help you understand what the true meaning of a brand is


Go through the different social media platforms and teach you how to use each of them PROPERLY


Create your own filters so you know when something is in alignment and when something isn't in alignment


Show you how your womb actually has all the answers to all of our problems


Manifesting for heavy weights


How to divorce every story and box you have ever put yourself in. Forever.


Find out what you really want in this life, not what you think you want because that's what everyone says you should want


Bitch-Slap the patriarchy and shit on every gender stereotypical norm. Ever.


What your super power is and how to use it to create sikk af offerings


How to optimise your website for clicks....and sales.


How to develop a goal that feels so big it's scary yet orgasmic all at the same time.


Self care, because I don't care who you are, if you don't care for yourself, your business won't care for you. Period


Creating a funnel. This sounds boring, but it isn't, I promise.


How to break up with competition and scarcity.

Have a listen of an excerpt from an actual coaching call I had with a group of my bad ass girls. 

Lacey Barratt is everything you would want out of a photography and business mentor. She is savvy and patient and 100% selfless. Her passion is infectious and when you work with Lacey she gives you every last bit of herself. – Sarah Fowler

I have known Lacey for a few years and if I look back into the evolution of my own practice as a birth worker, I owe much of my knowledge to her.
Besides being an amazing artist, she has the immeasurable skill of making me want to sign up for every course she creates and attend every workshop she offers – thank goodness I live in a different continent, otherwise I would never see my family because I would basically have moved into Lacey’s house 🙂
While going through the Matriarchal Marketing course, it became clear to me that we were not just tackling yet another course on marketing, but we dove into a deep journey of self healing and soul nourishment. And as it often happens, stuff that needed addressing came to the surface. Of course Lacey was right there to catch me in a safe haven and help me move through it.
But because Lacey has so much knowledge and so much compassion, we started going beyond what was the course ‘text book’.
Next we did a belief change session, where Lacey helped me release feelings that were not serving me and that were damaging my own self esteem and business.
During this process I won a photography competition and received two inquiries after many weeks of radio silence! She often checks on me and she just really deeply care!!
I am so grateful to Lacey for the amazing tools I learned to put at use and the resources I had forgotten I had. If you are thinking about joining any of her courses, just know that you’ll never regret. Your business will transform, evolve and flourish but most importantly so will you!
-Diana Hinek

Matriarchal Marketing is about teaching you to market according to your womb

1o Modules. 10 weeks. 10 live calls. 

Lifetime Access.

In this course,
we cover 10 magical pillars…

1. Opening Up to Yourself

Module 1 is the foundation for why you even do what you do. Once we identify why, we address your fears, blocks and upper limits and smash every glass ceiling you ever made for yourself. 

2. Energy Foundations

Module two is an exploration of gender norms/stereotypes and redefining the boxes that we have subconsciously put ourselves in. This is the foundation of all of my businesses and here I teach you how to do the same in a way that suits YOU.

3. Alignment

Why is alignment important if the goal is the main event? Well, while there is always more than one way to skin a cat, if it isn’t in alignment then it won’t work. It is actually an energy leak. Energy leaks lead to burnouttttt.

4. Connection and Vulnerability

Module 4 is the crux of most crumbling businesses. My girl Dasha Clarke, an absolute expert in communication and vulnerability, is joining me in teaching you the fundamentals of creating a business based on connection and relatability. 

5. Social Media

99.9% of people are using social media all fucking wrong. Not to mention they are selling instead of connecting. Remember it is SOCIAL media for a reason. Let’s discuss.

6. Websites

Do we need them? No, not really, but do they work? YES if you’ve done it right. Think of your website as your hardest-working employee…. Let’s also chat about why yours sucks. My girl Em Winch is coming in on this module to shake us up a bit.

7. Facebook Ads

Yes, they work, yours just don’t work. Let’s find out why. It isn’t for the reasons you think. Here we go through the Business Management Facebook app, Facebook Pages, Pixels and how to be a creeper on the internet (You know how you can talk about vacuums and then all of a sudden they are all over your newsfeeds? I’ma show you how to do that ) 

8. Money

What do you believe about money? What does money believe about you? How do you create it? Where does it come from? Is money meant for you? SO MANY DANG QUESTIONS ABOUT MONEY and my very own Life Coach, Hayley Carr is dropping into this module to fuck your brains in the best possible way (don’t worry, you’ll love it.)

9. Manifesting- The real shit

Module 9 we really tear apart manifesting and begin to unravel the depths and it’s power. I’m not talking about manifesting front row parking at Target….I’m talking about manifesting MONEY, HOUSES, TIME, and whatever the fuck else you can think of. Your mind is the only limit. 

10. Open and Release

Releasing our idea out into the world can be intimidating, but I’m going to show you how to do this confidently because there is no other expert out there in the world better than YOU. Katherine Eden guides women walking the Threshold of their old selves and their new selves. This is your ReBirth.

BONUS: Matriarchal Blueprint

I’m showing you the way I have been marketing to the world for years. When you see it, you’ll either think I’m genius or fucking crazy. Either are acceptable answers.

Join Matriarchal Marketing before 1 july 2021 and get a Breakthrough In a day (valued at $1500)

You will thank you for doing the inner work. you have been waiting for yourself…

I work with people who want to work. Who are innately creative even if they don’t think of themselves as creative. You might not know how to get what you want, but you sure as fuck know what you want. You know there is more to this world. Right now your mission, even if not known consciously, is to find out what more is and what it means to you.

30-day money-back guarantee

I believe in this course so much, I’m offering a guarantee on it.

Every ounce of my knowledge, soul, and heart is in this course. I believe in you.

I believe in you so fucking much that if after 3 modules, you haven’t had an “AHA” moment, I’ll refund your money.

No questions asked. Well, maybe a question for marketing purposes?

What do you have to lose?

Who is Lacey Barratt?

Lacey Barratt is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic and unapologetically raw content through visual arts.

As a doula, she pushes the boundaries of what women think they are capable of; helping them to break free of any societal norms or standards by understanding they are their own individual with individual needs. Lacey makes sure that her imagery is nothing less than artful and educational, striving to help women gain knowledge through her images.

For the last 5 years, Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial images promoting women’s rights, but she has also cemented herself as one of this country’s most talented and outspoken birth photographers.

Lacey has been known to be unapologetically raw. She encapsulates the depths of the human soul in a single still image. Lacey has even been known to post herself nude up next to Kim Kardashian…why not? Ballsy and emotionally attached, Lacey strives to have women empowered through her imagery.

This course is for you, if…


You're tired of the same shit on a different day

Clearly, what you are doing isn’t working. And the last time I checked, insanity is doing the same shit over and over with no different results to the one before. So, let’s change it up, shall we?


You need to get your business online but not sure where to start

Look, Coronavirus is fucking up everyone’s life right now. Businesses need to get online and get online quick like. Let’s work through what’s going on and make this work for you.


You are just starting a business and want to do it right the first time

Ya, you can probably learn all this stuff after trying and failing (which there is nothing wrong with!) but let’s save you some time and cut 5 years off the timeframe.

I was struggling with feelings of resentment towards being thrown into the bog of the eternal stench of solo parenting my 6 children. Specifically the fact that I don’t get any time away from my 4yr old & 2yr old to work on my business.

I knew I had to change something but had no idea how or what. I posted in my local Earth Mother’s Facebook group asking if any pregnant mums would allow me to photograph their birth for my portfolio. I literally had no idea how I could possibly make it work without a babysitter but still told the universe clearly what I wanted.

THEN Lacey’s birth photography course popped up all over my newsfeed. I love the shit out of Lacey and instantly signed up for her webinar. Right away I knew I was going to do this course. I ALMOST hesitated to purchase, knowing that part of Lacey’s success is due to her husband staying home with their kids. Who would watch my kids while I ran out the door to a birth? How can I justify spending this money when I could use it for a million other things my kids need? All money blocks and upper limits I needed to smash if I wanted to change my life. I said out loud to myself “fuck it, I don’t need a husband at home, I’ve overcome so much on my own already, I’ll make this work somehow” and clicked purchase, ACTIONING my manifestation to the universe.

THE SAME DAY I received a heap of comments on my post looking for a pregnant mum for my birth portfolio.
2 hours later my sister in law messaged me saying SHE WILL WATCH MY KIDS WHENEVER I NEED!

Whether you believe in manifesting or the stars aligning or whatever, there is definitely something powerful about setting your intentions and actioning them.

Steph Jordan

This is more than a technical course this is an emotional journey and as such we’ve created an incredible sisterhood of Sugar mamas to help you along the way.

This is a rolling launch. What that means is when you register we begin. We aren’t waiting for official dates- the work starts now. If you have any questions, you can ALWAYS email me. Below, you can view some of our most frequently asked questions.

Let’s be clear. I built a multi six figure birth photography business and even though I still run it, this is not just limited to photographers/birth photographers. Many of my examples may parallel birth, but birth is life is death, is business, is everything. It is universal. Literally everything we do can be a metaphor for birth….so don’t count yourself out if you aren’t a birth worker. I’ve worked with podcasters, coaches, beauty salons, brick and mortar businesses, the list goes on and the results are all the same. My background in birth does not affect my ability to help other businesses. In fact, I’d say I am more of an asset, because I not only understand birthing babies, but also ideas….see, it’s all the same.

Still Got Questions, Babe?

I’ve got your back babes.
I want you to succeed.
You can’t pour from an empty cup.
Look at me as a doula for your business.