Does the thought of shooting a live birth and stuffing it up make you want to barf?


Do you waste hours watching YouTube tutorials about camera settings and not getting any closer to a decent photo?


Do you want to make some real moolah from this birth photography gig?

Join Lacey Barratt as she runs LIVE mock births, in different scenarios.

Homebirths, birth centres, dark births, day births, outdoor births….you name it, she is covering it.


An online learning platform to take you from overwhelmed amateur to badass birth photographer.


Your membership includes unrestricted access to

  • video’s on workflow
  • postprocessing
  • the best gear for birth photography
  • what to take in your birth photography bag
  • how to tell stories
  • how to edit cleanly
  • discounts on presets
  • and so much more content.

Launching July 2017

Register your interest today and download Lacey’s popular e-book “How to set your soul on fire: A guide to finding your passion” – FREE!


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