How do you deal with trauma in real time

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Exposing Birth 

Trauma will follow you wherever you go. As birth workers, I see many people begin working with births as a photographer or as doulas, become triggered and drop out. This is a very real problem that is impacting many people so I wanted to discuss how trauma affects us in our work.

In this episode, I am exploring the trauma we experience during births and how it can lead us to avoid discomfort and steer clear of particular environments. I’ve worked really hard to work on my generational trauma, secondary trauma and first-hand trauma so I wanted to bring you what I’ve learned to help you stay present for your clients.

Have you felt pale white, shaky, light-headed and triggered during a labour? I definitely have and I’m taking you through the method you can use in real time to deal with your trauma to truly serve your mothers. After all, this is not the mother’s trauma, this is your trauma. It’s not fair for us to not attend a mother’s birth because it makes us uncomfortable and triggered.

We don’t have to view it as a negative experience. Being in the presence of life and death is keeping us alive. Instead of feeling stretched thin, reframe the moment to view the moment as expansive. This episode encourages us to delve into self-discovery to find our traumas and triggers to be truly present and support our clients throughout their birth journey.


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