You already know what 

you want in your birth

You’re a very go-getter kinda person. I know this because I am too. And when you make your mind up, it’s made up and no one can change it.

I like you

Because people who know what they want usually also always get what they want too.
Not in a throw-a-temper-tantrum get what you want kind of way.

But because decisive people are also usually action takers.

You take the time to make a decision and act on it, no matter if it’s the right or wrong decision. (Disclaimer, I don’t believe in such a thing as wrong decisions.)

You feel deeply and you question even deeper.

You daydream about ‘why am I the person I am not someone else’ in a super curious kind of way. (No, just me?)

People like you know that the power lies within you already. You might not always know where it is, but you know it’s there.

You might call yourself an overachiever but it is just the standard for you.

The standard of care.
The standard of integrity.
The standard of freedom.
It’s your standard.

But people don’t get it, so in order to avoid being thought of poorly, you just don’t share those inner thoughts.

But, when it comes to birth, you’re not here to be a ‘good girl’ are you?

Good, because I’m not here to be a ‘good doula’ either.

We’ve both recognised that perpetuating good behavior replicates people-pleasing. We don’t live to please others, we live to please ourselves.

You value freedom.

Freedom to be your fully expressed self.

Freedom to be financially safe. Freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Freedom to love and like and dislike.

Freedom to be free.

Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes you might not think you fully fit the value, but it’s there and it isn’t going anywhere.

People who value freedom also tend to fit in the get-what-you-want category.

How can you be free if you don’t have what you want?

You can’t.

And while you may not always feel like you fit in with freedom, every single day you strive towards it.

Your birth will be no different. With freedom comes integrity. When no one is looking, is when you show up as the most authentic version of yourself because- safety.

You speak with integrity, you love with integrity, you share with integrity, and your birth with integrity.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that you are here, on this specific webpage, on a worldwide web that has hundreds of millions of web pages.

I think you are creating your birth experience even before you realise it.

I think you are healing forward, backwards and sideways already before you even realise it.

I think you already know you are here to birth your baby, not birth in protest.

I think you are here because you already know you want to birth how you want to birth- on your terms.

I think you are here because you are already innately and intuitively connected to your body. You don’t need someone else to tell you something else about your body.

You know it before they do.

You don’t want to be saved, because you are your own saviour.

You are your own source.

You are your own power.

You are your own comfort and safety.
You are your everything.

Because you already know you’re powerful AF. You’ve seen it. You know it. You trust it.

I want you to know if you are birthing at home with a midwife, you can do it.
If you are free-birthing, you can do it.
If you are birthing in a hospital, you can do it.
If you’re birthing in the woods by a fire, you can f*cking do it.
If this is your 1st baby or 10th baby, you can do it!

You’re about to birth a human being.

You can do anything.

I’m here for one sole purpose.
That’s you and only you. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

I do want to be super upfront with you though since I mentioned me.

I don’t attend your birth. I don’t need to.

If you feel like you might need a hand to squeeze or for someone to be present at your birth for in person support, it might be best to look for local doula in your area. I believe you are powerful enough to do it without me. I’m not your source of power. You are.

I also won’t help you navigate the system, but I will teach you how to amplify the voice you already have. We already know the system is f*cked. Teaching you how to navigate a broken system is wasting both of our time. We both value time, freedom and integrity. There are so many other things that are far more valuable we can talk about to get you prepared for your birth that will better serve you- even in a hospital setting.

What I will do for you is teach you how to tap into your limitless potential of power and strength that will reach far beyond your current reality of what you call ‘life’ now. This won’t just affect how you birth your baby, it will affect how you do life from here on out.

I won’t empower you but I’ll show you how to empower yourself.

,I won’t speak up for you, but I’ll teach you how to speak up for yourself.
I won’t attend your birth, but I’ll show you everything you need to know to attend to your own birth clear-minded, grounded, intuitively, and feeling secure.
I will teach you to expand your reality of the world and play in the ethers of the quantum field to get whatever you want, whenever you want in your birth, life, business/job, parenting or wherever our journey takes us, over and over and over again. Because by the end of it, you won’t need me.

I will help you see that you do what you do because you want to do it, not because you have adopted it from some societal norm or because you caved to the pressure of a friend or family member. I will teach you how to find the root of your patterns so you can slay future beliefs that aren’t serving you. You know that things don’t have to look a certain way, it has to feel a certain way. That is what you are connected to. And this is exactly why you don’t need me to attend your birth. You have this shit under control already.

If this is you and you resonate with any of the words on this page, and you want to work with a doula that will help you find every single ounce of power and freedom held within your bones, please get in touch and let’s have an experience together.

Depending on the level we work with each other, fees range from $1,500 to $20,000.

You can be anywhere in the world to work with me. Location ain’t no thang, because I was never the focus anyway. It’s you and was always you and will always be you.