If Cardi B + Beyoncé had a mother’s group.

Would it even be a mothers group? 

Alright…I’m not sure if Cardi or Beyoncé are the type of bitches to be apart of a mothers group, but I assure you they are probably about as supported as my tits are in my nursing bra right now. 

You know what makes a high achiever a high achiever? 

Circles and circles of support, good strategies and self awareness.

“I always knew when it would be a good day.


I walked a little taller. I would think about how it would go even before I’d get there. I would pull up my centre sitting in my desk at school. I’d be aware of my balance and centre of gravity, even before I ever walked in through the door. It was the highlight of my day, sometimes week…


The bell would ring at school and I’d jump in my car, run through a drive through and even change in my car.


I had to walk in through the doors dressed the part already. It was part of my strategy to be the best. I couldn’t change in the dressing room. No no no, I had to be ready, walking in tall, and thinking about how I would SMASH it.

I’d watch the class before mine through the two way glass as I stretched…studying the best dancer through the window all whilst visualising my muscles loosening. I’d watch them bow to their Teacher and then the butterflies would start. It was time.


I walked through the door, bowed to my teacher, placed my left arm on the barre, took a deep breath and breathed away the butterflies. It was finally time to be the best ballet dancer I could that day.

And I would always smash it.”

– From 15 year old to-be-principal-ballet-dancer-Lacey


I was a high achiever even before I knew there was a name for it. I was creating a strategy to win that would serve me for the rest of my life, before I even knew I was creating with intention. I was 15 years old.

I know a thing or two about high achievers.

I am one. 

You are one too. 

Like 15-year-old-me, I had my eye on the prize, but the ‘how’ wasn’t important to me. I just knew that I would do whatever it took to get it.

I want to teach you how to amalgamate all of your desires into one easy, actionable, and replicable process all whilst having a amphitheatre of women behind you. 

For over and over and over success.

I have danced the nutcracker 7 times. 

I choreographed it 3 times. 

I taught ballet for 3 years. 

I danced in New York City for 3 months.

I danced in Jackson Mississippi for 3 months. 

I was a Company principal ballet dancer

…all before the age of 18 years old. 

I’m a 3 time State Award holder for Documentary Photographer of the Year in 2 different states.

I’m the national Documentary of the Year Award holder for Australia. 

I’m 3rd place in the World Photographic Cup for Australia in the Raportage category (we won, by the way!)

I’ve flipped and sold businesses for 4x what I paid for them (oh, and I’ve done it to houses too….)

There is more..but I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you this because I want you to see that when you create with intention and identify the strategies that aren’t serving you, you can change them to strategies that are serving you.

This means you can create literally anything. 

Like turning on the tap whenever you want. 

Ambitious. Tenacious. Prodigy. Maverick.

These are a few words that describe you already, or you want them to describe you.
I like to call it ‘ambitchious.”

You are a bitch that is ambitious. 

10 years ago…

I was on my last maternity leave payment. I was 8 weeks postpartum yet it felt like my baby was 8 years old. 

This was when I began to feel the pull of my desires vs my responsibility.

My desire was to work in corporate. Specifically, I dreamt of being a Fortune 500 CEO. 

My responsibility was Mum. 

Society told me I had to pick one…but that didn’t feel good. Why couldn’t I have both?

So, I took my last maternity leave paycheck and I bought the cheapest DSLR I could find. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew it felt better than where I was headed. 

I wondered, what if I could have my own business, be my own boss, and still be a mum? 

I was determined to become a CEO of a massive company.
I just had no idea it would be my own 10 years later. 


Hear me out. 

Postpartum doesn’t just = post baby. 

Postpartum means post birth of anything.

And may I remind you, you are Woman…you birth (aka create) everything.

You know, I had a client once that when she realised that whatever she said was they way things went, and she proved it to herself over and over and over again…it shifted from putting out fires, to a game of “what can I create, today?”

From, “What can I create today?” turned in to ‘Holy shit, it works every time…how far can I push this???

Our words only hold the power we give them.

I want to play the game of and with you. 

Work is easy AND you get to have lots of money. 
You get to be a slut in the bedroom AND hold space for passionate love making. 
You can have free time AND be the busiest you’ve ever been. 
You get to be a mum AND have a career. 


This is what Exposing Us is all about. 

We are holding space for power and letting our deepest desires co-exist with one another. I want to Expose Us for what we really are. Powerful, ambitious women that hold the paradigm of what it means to be Woman in the palm of their hands, with ease.  

Having all that you want does not equate to hard work. 


Topics of what we cover in Exposing Us


Time is not linnear

We tend to measure our success based on time. Did we achieve what we wanted to achieve in the time allowance we gave ourselves? If the answer is no, then we “failed.” If the answer is yes, the we “succeeded.”

During our time together, we will be redefining what success means, what failure means, and even what time means.


Become the paradox

I have a lot of people tell me, “Lace, I don’t know how you do it.” This life is so easy. I mean, sure there are trialing times that test my patience (I mean, fuck, I have 5 kids.) But over all, I’m not busting my ass, I’m not having late nights, I’m not hustling for money, I’m not glued to social media or my phone. I choose my clients and I am able to give my family what we view as a lush lifestyle. I am the paradox. I’m going to show you how you can be the paradox too.


We are going to be playing in the ethers of the quantum field, where there are no rules, and your words hold power, and every imaginary glass ceiling you ever put on yourself magically disappears. 
We live in a world where there are no wrong answers, no wrong choices, and especially, no fucking rules. You are the rule maker and rule breaker. The alpha and omega. You are the ink in the finest calligraphy pen, penning out your desires, dipping in to flow, creating your reality with ease. 


Leadership doesn’t have to just mean leading others. Leadership can be being the leader of yourself, too. Meaning, stop following the masses, and start feeling safe enough to trust yourself at all costs. Follow yourself. Babe, no one will show up for you like you will show up for yourself. What kind of leader are you to yourself?


Money doesn’t have to be hard. Actally, it can be as easy as Quenton Tarintino planning his next Kill Bill Volume. Money is just energy…masculine and feminine, co-existing with each other, and listening to YOUR every word.  Money operates based on YOUR energy. Let’s get your energy as clean as Oprah’s rap sheet.



Manifesting isn’t woo. It’s science. (If you just said that like Will Ferrell in Anchorman, we just be came best friends.) (Also, if you read we just become best friends like John C. Reilly in Step Brothers, we are now BFF for life.) Manifesting is calculated and intentional shifts in ones energy and physical world. As a result…you get what you want. I’ll show you how to make those energetical shifts.


Do you want what you want or do you want what you want because that’s what everyone else says that is what you should want?
Yea, I’ll show you the difference. If you are confused, good.

“I don’t know” is know is not an acceptable answer. Remember, manifesting = precision.


An emotion is felt in the body for only 45 seconds. What you do with the next 45 seconds will determine what your next action is. What your next action is will determine the outcome of whatever is about to happen next. I’m going to teach you how to manage your emotions and use them in powerful ways. Not have your emotions manage you.


The same way Snoop Dogg has a strategy to get lit, so do you. Either it works for you or it doesn’t. I’ll take you through finding what sets off the strategy and how to change it so you can get off the hamster wheel of feast and famine. This is where everything from your values all the way down to how and what time you climb into bed comes together and makes sense. If you want to make exponential shifts in your world, change your strategy. 

For 6 months myself and an intimate group of 10 human beings will witness each other for who we really are- ambitious, daring, tenacious, high achievers. Women that refuse to conform to the norm yet pave their own ways, and create their lives with in the ethers of the quantum field.

We are

  • dismantling societal constructs
  • breaking the rules
  • colouring outside of the lines
  • and playing in our own world where anything goes- a world of AND not or 

You already know you are a high achiever, but you are afraid to say it…much less identify with it. 

You know there is a better way, you just aren’t sure what that looks like yet. 

You have a vision of what you want life to look like, but it feels hard to put all the pieces together. 

Get ready, because we are about to dance like Beyoncé on the set of Lemonde. She wasn’t fucking around either. (Neither are we.) 


What you get inside of 6 months…


  • 3 calls per month with the 4th week being integration week (18 calls)
  • group Voxer chat where we all hang out in between weekly calls
  • x2 private 1:1 coaching calls to use within 12 months of registration
  • access to my library of resources and processes
  • gifts (what is a coaching experience with out gifts?) 


$5,000 pay in full or $958.33 AUD for 6 months

The fun starts now. We don’t wait. When you sign up, it begins. You’ll recieve a link to join in our weekly calls even before we offcially start on the 1 December 2021. That’s thousands of dollars in free coaching for being a woman who knows what she wants and going for it now. 

I have witnessed women create pregnancies they thought they’d never have, alter the way their bodies functioned with their sheer willpower and minds, 10x their investments with me after one chat, realise they wanted to move, sell their home and buy another home in another state less than 12 months later, and so much more. 


Who is this for? It's sounds good but I'm not sure if I understand if its for me.

If this even so much as slightly* lights you up, this is for you. This mastermind group isn’t specifically for business, or pregnant women, or only postartum women- it’s for all of us. It is for people who want more out of this life, want to live a life of and not or, and believes they can achieve for than the status quo says they can. You don’t have to have a business, be pregnant, or have any children. You just have to want more and be willing to go there. 

I'm interested but this feels really expensive for a group thing.

I can appreciate this feeling. I feel this with many offers and products I’d love to buy too. But, one thing I ask myself when working through these feelings is, “Compared to what?” This is expensive compared to what? I’ll also ask myself what are the costs of not doing this thing that I want to do. I also believe that I can’t waste money. Because money in infinite, not finite. When I invest that level of trust in myself, my energy shifts a little. What is the cost of you not doing this especially if it equally terrifies you and lights you up? 

I chose a number that I wanted to make you uncomfortable. That was purposeful. I need for the investment to make you squirm. You can go and join another program that is less money and be taught all of the same things, but it won’t land the same because it was a smaller investment. I know, when I spend big dollars, I want my moneys worth- therefore my energy is invested. Making what I put in it…what I get out of it. The first time I spent $55k on coaching for 12 months, I nearly shit my pants…but that year, I achieved more than I think I ever would during a pandemic than if I had ran screaming and rocking in the corner at the price. Our entire lives were upgraded. 

Finally, let’s play a game. Where there is a will there is a way. Go scrounge around your home and find all the clothes you don’t wear, old iphones you upgraded from that are sitting in a drawer, kids old gaming consoles they don’t play anymore and list them on facebook or gumtree and sell them. Have a garage sale. Go mow your neighbors yards for a few bucks. Laugh at me…but humility and gratitude is where it all starts. We teach this to our kids, but we aren’t willing to do it ourselves? #foodforthought


Alright, I'm a hell yes. Now what?

If you are a hell yes, and know that you don’t need a coaching call to see if this is right for you, you can sign up immediately here. 

I am on the fence, do you have any guarantee?

No, there are no guarantees in life except the fact that we will die. I don’t have a guarantee on this because I am not here to save you. If you are looking for a saviour o a quick fix, please consider another incredible program that would better serve you. This is not consultant work, it’s coaching work. This is an energetical exchange more so than an financial exchange.

I am not in Australia so not sure if the times work out for me. When are the calls and are there replays?

I am a replay whore. I record everything, even our 1:1’s. I don’t share these publicly, but they are for the eyes who were invited to be apart of the call originally. 

Our calls start at 10am AEST (AEDT when our time shifts an hour) and they are every Wednesday morning. (might be Tuesday evening for American/Canadian peeps.) 

I don't own a vagina and this kinda turns me on too, can I join?

Anyone, literally anyone of any identity is welcome here. I use the word ‘woman’ in my copy simply because I indentify as a woman. However, you need not own a vagina, nor own a vagina and identify as woman. If you want more out of life, please join us. You’ll just have to put up with my birth puns 😅😜  (in our calls my language will also reflect whatever pronouns you identify as, as well as not be herternormative)