I doula


For the past 10 years of working in the birth space as a doula and birth photographer, I have come to realise my zone of genius. And it surprisingly, isn’t when I’m actually at your birth. It’s during the magical, expansive conversations we have before your birth. Over time, I realised if you need me during your birth, then I haven’t done my job right. Because it’s all you- and this enables me to work with people all over the world.

I help you give birth in a free way.
I’m going to coach you through your entire experience. The way I will coach you for birth isn’t like anything like you’ve experienced before. I’m not going to advocate for you, I’m going to teach you how to advocate for yourself- not just in birth for the rest of your life.

I believe that everything can be linked to birth.
The way I make money is the way I gave birth.
The way I care for my family is how I gave birth.
The way I run my business is how I gave birth.
The way I manifest is how I gave birth.

The parallels between life, birth, death, money, and business are undeniable for me. When I coach you as a doula, you can apply what you learn from me to everything in your life.

When you learn from me as a doula, I want you to know that it can be applied to ANYTHING in your life.

If you’re here, and you’re curious about the work I do but you aren’t pregnant- the teachings, support, and coaching you’ll experience from me as my doula client you will also experience as a business coaching client. It’s all linked- and birth is the centrefold. Birth is the epitome of the creation of everything and that power lies within your womb. Let’s tap in to it. 

What I love about my doula services is anyone in the world can access them because I don’t need to be physically present at your birth.
You get me for 12 months. If you book me at 20 weeks, that means you’ll have me for 6 months postpartum.
I don’t operate on a meeting basis. I operate on energy, flow, and completion and that means you can access me 24/7.

Our conversations are powerful.

What turns me on the most about the work I do is this feels like continuity of care, redefined. There is no limit to meetings, you won’t be billed for extra calls, or asked to hire a postpartum doula because I only work in labour and birth. (Unless you need physical support, then YES hire a postpartum doula!)

Babe. Birth is forever.
Postpartum is forever.
At 56 you’ll still be postpartum and you still might need support. You still might need a cheerleader.

This is what I love- the connection is forever. My support doesn’t stop at birth or at one appointment postpartum for a debrief. My scope extends to life. Birth is just one small part of the larger picture.

I believe love is love.

I strive every day to be inclusive and to educate myself about disparities and how to be a better ally.

I believe we should uplift Black and Brown voices.

Although I identify as a woman, I use the word Person as often as possible because I don’t believe genders are clearly marked.

I believe that femininity and masculinity is an energy that exists in everyone.

I believe that heteronormative examples and language can lead to limiting our children and their creativity.

My maternal side is from Nicaragua and I used to speak fluent Spanish. It was my first language! (I’m sure with some practice I can get it back)

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 15- I started selling necklaces at the stop sign of my childhood home so I could buy tickets to an Nsync concert (it was fucking epic, by the way)

I bought a house in America from Australia and flipped it for 4 times what we paid for it.

I used to manage four AT&T stores across two states in Louisiana and Mississippi

I’m from America but live in Melbourne

I met a sexy Aussie man on a 5 day holiday and got married and never went home

I have 5 babes

My hubby is a stay at home dad and I bring home the dough

I dropped out of college to buy a business. Learning about business didn’t feel as exhilarating as experiencing business. I then sold it for 3 times what I paid for it 24 months later.

I started out photographing births 10 years ago after my first son was born. I experienced immense regret after his birth when all I had were three photos of his birth. While I missed a lot, I also learned a lot from that experience. I embarked on a 10-year journey of studying birth as a doula and photographer that grew out of curiosity. The question that sparked my curiosity was ‘why?.’

Why did I feel so much regret over not documenting my first son’s birth? Why did I feel even more regret when I failed to document my second son’s birth? Why did I regret the regret? The more questions I asked myself, the more questions it raised. Before I knew it, I was on a rabbit hole of self-discovery, excavation, and self-forgiveness. It was through this experience where I learned to cherish the photographs I captured from subsequent births of mine. Mine and my husband’s perception of birth changed drastically from our first baby to our 5th baby. What started out as “I didn’t want you to see her at her worst” turned in to “Look how powerful my wife is.”

The current structure of what doula means doesn’t fit well with the kind of service I provide. Whilst I identify with the word doula, I also don’t. They both coexist within me, two polarities living in harmony, canceling any conflicting parts. I’m redefining what Doula means to me and to my clients, and that is what matters.

I am showing up the only way I know how, authentically me. This is all I ask of you; when you show up with me, please be authentically you. As your doula, I won’t attend your birth because you don’t need me there; you just think you do because that’s how traditional doulas have been portrayed. I’m not traditional and neither are you. You don’t need me. You never did. But I will help you make sense of your desires and how to achieve them within the parameters you set autonomously and with integrity.

I thrive on vulnerability, curiosity, authenticity, and communication. My words hold meaning. I won’t say it if I don’t mean it. Gifts are my love language- so expect many from me!

You are here because you want integrity with continuity.

Let’s find it together.