What if you could have a breakthrough in a day? 

All it takes is one thought to exponentially shift your entire reality of the world….x10

I love working with Lacey – After one afternoon, I’m already up-leveling our family’s businesses to offer something sector leading and unique to country Victoria! Whoop!

– Rhia

What if everything you ever desired was only one conversation away? 


Would you believe me if I said you could shift your entire reality of the world in one conversation? 

Would you believe me if I said you could break every glass ceiling you ever thought was a thing all within the confines of one day? 

What about that you could ditch every shitty money story you’ve adopted and created in your own head? 

We can shift how you show up in the world on social media, in your personal life, with clients and exponentially up-level your business and reality in a single day. That’s all it takes is a little bit of curiosity and openness.



This sounds too good to be true- nothing in life is that easy… 

Then why haven’t you done it yet?

The truth is it’s digustingly easy. We just get in our heads and complicate things because nothing in life is easy, amirite? 

Here’s the deal. We are perpetually stuck in a loop because we create what we believe because we are always looking to validate ourselves to give us a big “See, Self, I told ya so!” 

So what happens? We believe money is hard to make, so we search for all the ways money is hard to make, which means we validate that money is hard to make which means we cement our belief in money is hard to make and then we are stuck in this lifelong loop until we break it. The hardest part…this cycles likely didn’t start with you- you inherited it. 

When we are so enrolled and invested in our own stories, we can’t see outside of them. Or beyond them. My job is to help you expand the possibilities of what this world holds for you by thinking exponentially. Because if you keep thinking the same thoughts, you’ll stay in the same loop.

Let’s break the cycle. 

What does all this mean? 

It means that you get to spend a virtual day with me. We will have multiple sessions throughout a single day with breaks to integrate, explore and install new beliefs and strategies.
Booking is easy. 

1. You MUST be a hell yes to this offering/process
2. Select your Breakthrough in a Day date
3.  Fill out the form and tell me what the issue is
4. Show up willing, eager, and curious.
5. We will have a second day booked for any clean-up if we need it.
6. In 30 days we have a follow-up call to check-in and any more clean up if we need it!

I believe that everything can be linked to birth.
The way I make money is the way I gave birth.
The way I care for my family is how I gave birth.
The way I run my business is how I gave birth.
The way I manifest is how I gave birth.

Meet Your Coach, Lacey Barratt

Lacey Barratt is an international multi-award winning birth photographer, doula, and coach pushing the bounds of what we think is attainable. She is smashing the gender typical stereotype of what feminine and masculine is and challenging others to do the same. 

She has been featured in Daily Mail, Mama Mia, Channel 7 News, ABC Radio, Sun UK and many more places.

She has built 2x 6 figure businesses through birth photography and courses/coaching other birth workers/busiess owners. 

Could you imagine hitting “End Call” at the our session and this never being an issue for you again? 

What would your life look like if money was never an issue again?

If the fear of being seen was never and issue again? 

If you learned consistancy wasn’t really a thing to begin with you and you’d been chasing your tail and feeling like shit for nothing? 

If  past traumas never hindered your future decision making again? 


I want you to take a deep breath in right now, and exhale. Feel that? Expansion….?

What would freedom from these issues do for you? What could you create if they weren’t holding you back anymore?

Breakthrough in a Day 

A rapid vortex experience where the digging, leverage and change-work is done in a single day.
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Morning Session(s)

Our morning session will start at 9AM AEST. During our first session for the day, we will discuss what the problem is, how its been an issue for you and complete a questionnaire that will let me read between the lines to be able to create an experience for you later on in the day. Here is where we explore different possibilites and get to the root of what the boss really is. This call will go for about 1.5 hours – 2 hours. From here, we will take a break where I will formulate an intuitive experience tailored to you and your needs to experience deep changework.

Afternoon session(s)

From here we will resume around 11 or 12 (an agreed upon time) where I’ll have various tools and resources for you to implement deep transitional change-work on a neurological level.  Scarcity- BYEEEE. Self Doubt? BYE BITCH. Past traumas hindering you from accessing your desires? Gone too. This work can take all afternoon or it can be finished in 5 minutes. My aim is for you to have a powerful experience and conversation with me so that your life will be changed forever. From lunchtime onwards, our calls might be one big long call, or broken up into many smaller calls with 15 min breaks in between. This is at your pace and your reception. You are in the drivers seat.

Follow Up Session

IF needbe, we will schedule a second day at the end of our first call if we still need to clean up any thought processes or patterns surrounding your problem. Not everyone will need this- in fact, most won’t HOWEVER it is here is you feel like you need it. We will discuss the details of a follow up call at the end of our Breakthrough in a day call.

30 Day Check-In

In 30 days, we will have a check in to see how you are stepping in to and integrating your new beliefs, strategies, systems etc. If there are any questions or clean ups that we need to do, this will be done here. These calls are generally 1.5-2 hours in length.

As a bonus, you’ll get any processes we do together in the form of a recording for you to do on yourself, in the comfort of your own home when ever you need to. You’ll also get a replay of our calls to keep forever. These tools can be powerful to go back and reflect on. 

This call might be all day. The work might be deeply rooted that requires untangling before we can pull it up- or it might be as simple as a new thought and you know you got what you came for. The only requirement is that you are open to change, willing, and be enrolled deeply in the new you. This will require you to show up as who you want to be. It will require you to make decisions based on the person you want to be, not who you are or were. If this doesn’t light you up, make you a bit squeamish and make your panties wet a little bit, all at the same time, please, truly consider your eligbility. 


If you’re:
Think its too good to be true
Think this will work for everyone else but not you


NOT a HELL YES, please, do not register for this experience. I have other offerings. inmy menu that would be better suited for you that will still enable us to work together. 

But I have questions!

Is this real? I don't understand how you can claim to have a breakthrough in a day when I've been struggling with this issue for all of my life????

Look, I know its a bold claim, but I promise you, my toolbelt is large and FULL. I am certain, if you are open, curious, and willing (and a HELL YES!) then you will benefit from this experience. When you understand how the brain works and what it’s looking for in order to fill the gaps, then you know what to remove and replace it with to begin creating a better experience of the world IMMEDIATELY. 

I really want to do this, do you have a payment plan?

Unfortunately, with this offering, there is no payment plan. My goal is to charge a price that fells attainable, but stings a little. There is something about handing over a larger chunck of change that forces us to show up differently than if it were cheap or free. In order to do this work, you need to be invested, both financially as well as energetically. 

What happens if it doesn't work? Can I get a refund?

There are a plethora of reasons why it might not work. There could be even just a miniscule amount of doubt held in your energy that holds you back from fully releasing into the process. 

There might have been a different experience or memory we could have chosen whilst doing the processes that would have created better change. 

If you feel like it hasn’t worked we have a second day set aside to further trouble shoot why it may not have stuck. 

Unfortunately, refunds aren’t given as results vary. This is about how you show up and your willingness to LET GO…which I will help you with.