Encapsulating the beautiful chaos
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why hire a birth photographer


relive it

Having images carefully documented will enable you to relive your experience until the day you pass on your images to your baby to relive it for you.


piece it all together

birth hormones naturally trigger us to forget the experience. let me piece it together for you.
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let your partner support you

let your partner have both their hands to touch you and not be distracted with a camera. thats my job.
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want to

know how

to birth on your terms?
meet lacey. your birth junky
Lacey Barratt has been known to be unapologetically raw. She encapsulates the depths of the human soul in a single still image. She has even been known to post herself nude up next to Kim Kardashian...why not? Ballsy and emotionally attached, Lacey strives to have women empowered through her imagery. By sharing the reality of what we call life and parenthood, she hopes to eliminate the feeling of being 'alone' in mothers and fathers by sharing the normality that no one talks of.

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